About Us

Diverziti Association was founded at the beginning of 2010 with the main aim to communicate and raise public awareness on biological and cultural diversity and to promote green solutions, especially among young people. To reach our goals we create environmental education programs mostly for youngsters, give presentations at schools, organize activities and games in terms of environmental issues, organize excursions, promote green lifestyle, advertise and translate environmental documentaries and maintain a webpage to communicate up-to-date international news in relation to biological and cultural diversity and green technology. The founders of the association are environmental professionals, geographers and engineers.


In the middle of member recruiting, we are mostly concentrating on organizing community programs (waste collection, excursions), environmental education programs and the promotion of volunteering.

In our webpage, we provide some interesting articles about cultural and biological diversity and green technology innovation. We promote cultural and biological diversity related books, films, and we offer and arrange cultural and leisure activities.

We also organize lessons about biodiversity, climate change, waste management, renewable, etc. For this we create brochures and organize field trips.

We introduce and promote Hungary’s cultural and natural heritage and support ecotourism. We also arrange traditional and handcraft programs.

We establish and maintain connection to local, foreign and international organizations. We provide opportunities for our members to participate in seminars and youth exchanges abroad and they can also try themselves in the organization of local programs.

We offer advice for effective online communication and the usage of free softwares.

We ensure the opportunities for our members to work out and implement youth initiatives especially in the field of environment, nature and sustainable development.

The experience we gain during our activities is shared in our brochures, presentations and exhibitions.

Completed projects: